About Serra

Tableau for Data Infrastructure ☁️
Serra's ETL dashboard

What is Serra?

Serra is Tableau for data infrastructure.
Serra enables leaner, less-technical teams to build cloud data infrastructure—batch and real-time data pipelines, rapid SQL analytics, and scalable data science and ML—through a user-friendly dashboard.

Where does Serra run?

We run on your own compute.
For example, if you have an AWS + Snowflake workflow, Serra is a layer on top that will run on your own Snowflake warehouse, keeping all your data safe and invisible to us. If you want to migrate to the cloud, we do that too!

How does Serra work?

Serra abstracts all steps of ETL into reusable, editable blocks.
Each block has its own documentation and parameters that you can fill in and save.
We have 100+ blocks from Snowflake connectors to pivot transformers, and create any custom ones you need as well to cover your use cases.
GeoDistanceTransformer Block - Calculates distance in miles between two location columns
In our example above, we have our GeoDistanceTransformer block, which calculates distance (in miles) between two location columns. The params it has are the start_column, end_column, and the output_column you want to store the distance.
Underneath the hood, each block is connected to Python or SQL code that we write for you. Don't worry if this looks like a lot, you just need to be able to use the block!
GeoDistanceTransformer code
That's it—start building data infrastructure with a few clicks today!
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